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Disco Parties

Disco 1

Disco Party

Dance the night away at our fabulous disco party.

Colourful lights and chart-topping tunes set the scene for this energetic and fun party, held in the large open plan area of Monty’s. Bubble machine, snow canons, dry ice machines and games makes this a memorable evening!

Parties for children aged 3 years to 14 years – only available evenings

Disco 2

Meet & Greet with Disco Host

1 hour Disco then move upstairs to dining area

Hot or Cold Buffet

Party including hot buffet: £275.00 (up to 30 children)

Party including cold buffet: £250.00 (up to 30 children)

Additional children at £1.95 for hot buffet, £1.50 for cold buffet

Free return pass for the birthday child to our play centre

Epilepsy/Photo-Sensitivity Warning