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Racing Car Parties

parties_race_01You will be met by our very own Race Driver. Then enter a world of revving engines and adrenaline-fuelled excitement!

First it’s go-kart time – enter our Monty Carlo Grand Prix circuit on our battery-powered go-karts. If you are 6 years old or above you can drive yourself. If you are younger, not to worry, you will just need a co-pilot – parents are great at this role (our two-seater cars allow smaller racers to steer).

Then you will move to our race room with race music and LED lighting on our 6-lane Grand Prix giant 15ft Scalextrics track. Lap times and places are recorded and followed on our 40-inch plasma screen. You will participate in various races such as Ferrari, caravan towing, classic cars, or you can even have a James Bond 007 themed party and race our Aston Martin collection (dress to impress)! We know we have no chance of keeping the ‘Big Kids’ out of this room, so how about a Kids vs Grown-ups Race?

Parties for children aged 6 years and upwards

Meet & Greet with Race Driver
45-minute Race experience (Go-karts & Scalextrics)
Free framed picture of birthday child and friends
Every child will receive a mini race trophy

Weekend prices per child: £15.00 (minimum 6 children)
Weekday prices per child: £12.75 (minimum 6 children)
Ideal maximum number is 18 (can accommodate more)
Free return pass for birthday child to play centre

Race Car Parties

Race Car Parties

parties_race_02 parties_race_03 parties_race_04



For your party food…

Choice of the following:
Fish Sticks
Chicken Nuggets
Burger/Veggie Burger
Cheesy Pasta
Pizza (cheese & tomato)
All of the above served with fries or smiley faces
Salad Bar
Ice Cream
Unlimited Squash

Or, why not choose a morning party and enjoy our unique character breakfast/brunch with our cute and cuddly Ringmaster Monty Bear, Puddy the Elephant and Tess the Tiger!

Breakfast/Brunch menu:

Fruit selection
Toast with butter, jam and nutella
Baked beans
Unlimited Squash

Parties at Monty’s are slightly different as even food time is fun.  It’s like having 2 parties in 1!

After 45 minutes, the party will move to our eating area, Cirque du Soufflé, for another 45 minutes, where party food awaits with disco lights, chart topping tunes, mirror balls… And once the food is gone, there is an opportunity to learn some circus skills in a ‘have-a-go’ style circus workshop!

Epilepsy/Photo-Sensitivity Warning